EDL HATE brown people

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EDL Fasion DISASTER, it’s a crime!

This video is amazing, thumbs up to “dontpanicmedia”

Leicester – Oct 9th, know your enemy?

It seems like the EDL have drawn up a hit list of media photographers, it’s pretty silly and scary, you can see it here:


If the page has been taken down then click here.

EDL singing UK National Anthem using Israeli flag

This is a little silly, isn’t it not? Singing the UK National Anthem using an Israeli flag? I thought the EDL were English and not Israeli.

Hmm.. stupid but confusing. Here’s the video:

9 EDL Websites hacked!

Nine EDL Websites were hacked by an anti-Zionist hacker who left pro-Palestinian messages on the websites, the hacker known as “TriCk” from a group calling themselves “TeaMp0isoN” compromised all the EDL domains, all the EDL Divisions Facebook groups, the main EDL facebook fan page and the EDL Forums. According to zone-h.org a security website that tracks electronic cyber crime the group “TeaMp0isoN” has defaced over 1000 websites in the past.

The method used to hack into the websites is still unknown but we do know the hackers may be from the middle east as they left pro-Palestinian messages on the English Defence League website:
“Hacked by TriCk aka Saywhat? – TeaMp0isoN

Fuck Zionist Jews! – Boycot israel! – Fuck the American Government!

Message to Admin/Web-master: To have a good site you must have good security and you clearly dont, learn to secure a site before you open one.

Defacing is not a crime, it’s professional web-design – free of charge!

End The Gaza Seige! – Free Palestine! – Free Gaza! – Fuck israel! – Fuck the American Goverment! – Fuck Zionism!

“Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep, a house but not a home, a companion but not a friend” – Free Palestine.

We Are (TeaMp0isoN): TriCk aka Saywhat? – Luit – Hex00010 – p0ison.org
Greetz To: Pakhaxors Crew – ZHC – Spider – TaZii – Code5 – f0rsaken – Muneeb – PAKBugs – -null- ”

The EDL said “This is a but a minor hiccup in the growth of the EDL and the loss of a few pages will not effect us at all, it is men on the street that counts. We are working on an alternative to facebook at present to ensure that this can not happen in the future but please bear with us in the mean time. ”

Several EDL members have left the facebook groups in the fear of getting hacked, Trevor Kelway the EDL spokesperson has told the EDL members to remove Judgey Judge, Paul Harris, and Jack Smiths accounts from their friends list on facebook as they have been compromised. The accounts that were hacked were respected EDL members.

The identity of the hackers is still unknown, we done some research and managed to contact “TriCk” on an underground hacking website pakhaxors.com, on the website we found several images “TriCk” had posted showing him hacking the EDL, the images can be found here:


English Defence League Facebook Hacked
English Defence League Facebook Hacked

English Defence Website Hacked
English Defence Website Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Division Hacked
EDL Division Hacked

EDL Main Website Hacked

EDL members, your comments are most welcome!

Hello EDL!

May God guide you all! We know that this weblog is pretty new, but that doesn’t stop you commenting on your posts!

We’d love to here from you, your views and opnions, so get commenting!

EDL may attack Leicester mosque say police!

Not against Islam are we? So why attack a place of Worship?

Leicestershire Constabulary has warned that the far-right English Defence League (EDL) plan to attack mosque when they come to the city on 9 October.

Chief Constable Simon Cole told the city council that the EDL posed a public order threat to the community. In his report he said:

“Intelligence dated September 8, 2010, indicated that the EDL intend to come to Leicester and attack a mosque before marching into the Highfields area, which represents the highest resident population of the Muslim community.


EDL sign Facebook posts with Heil Hitler!

EDL draw up anti-Muslim hit-list

A recetny discovery shows that the EDL have managed to draw up an anti-Muslim hit list.

Regardless of how many towns and cities are being ruined, how many innocent Muslim people are being attacked and regardless of how many women who wear the Niqab or Hijab out of their own will are suffering abuse as it is ripped of their faces the EDL continue their cowardness.

The hitlist was drawn up by an EDL member under the nickname of “Alexander the Great“.

Furthermore, another EDL member by the name of ” LutonLukeEDL” said: Mate, I’m up for all out war on these bastards.
If you check my posts out on this forum before the demo, I was trying to organise a group of people to get at the MAC, to stop them. They got away with it yesterday…never again.
We need to keep an eye on these people, see what they’re up to, where they’re gonna be, and disrupt it. This is exactly the kind of scum the EDL needs to combat with all its might. We need to stop these jihadist scum bags dead in their tracks, their movement won’t be allowed to grow in our country.
Not on our watch right boys?”

Regardless of what is being said and done by the EDL they will continue, here is another extract from the forum by an EDL member which goes by the name of “Howien” who says: “sooner or later there time is gonna come stick together edl and we will destroy the dirty scum NO FCUKing SURRENDER”

The above comment is refered to Islam and Muslims, are the EDL only against Extremism or a Religion?

I await your comments.

A place of Worship, extremism?

I’m not sure why the EDL was even created, but having a place of Worship like any other religion why is that deemed extremist?

Leave your comments and let us know, the EDL have marched and protested against several Mosques being built on old un-used land, simply for worship.